For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization
by Charles Adams
Makes clear the terrible impact of taxation on people in cultures over four millenia and
how they have brought down regime after regime.
ppbk	$35					LF997CU5770

Economics and Public Welfare: A Financial and Economic History of the US, 1914-46
by Benjamin M. Anderson
ppbk	$13					LF997EC7397

The Origins of Totalitarianism
by Hannah Arendt
ppbk	$20					LF997PL4008

Antitrust and Monopoly
by Dominick Armentano
A strong case for repeal of antitrust laws
ppbk	$25					LF997EC7141

The Evolution of Cooperation
by Robert M. Axelrod	
Argues how cooperation evolves out of coercion free individualism.
ppbk	$22					LF997PH0560

Africa Betrayed
by George B.N. Ayittey
ppbk	$25					LF997PL6052

The Debate on the Constitution: Federalist and Antifederalist Speeches, Articles, and 
	Letters During the Struggle over Ratification, Sept 1787-Aug 1789.
by Bernard Bailyn	
hdcv(2 vol)	$75				LF997FF5891

The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution
by Bernard Bailyn
ppbk	$18					LF997AH1615

Essentials of Economics: A Brief Survey of Principles and Policies
by Faustino Ballve
ppbk	$15					LF997ST7265

Equality, The Third World, and Economic Delusion
by P.T. Bauer
ppbk	$20					LF997EC6323

The Servile State
by Hilaire Belloc
hdcv	$19					LF997PP7400

Antidiscrimination Law and Minority Employment: Recruitment Practices 
	and Regulatory Constraints
by Farrell Black
hdcv	$25					LF997LL6294

Capital and Interest
by Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk
hdcv	$53					LF997AU1523

Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty
by James Bovard	
ppbk	$20					LF997PY6397

LSE Essays on Cost
edited by James Buchanan and G. F. Thirlby
Eleven essays selected for their application of economic theory to public policy analysis
hdcv	$20					LF997AU0074

The Calculus of Consent: Logical Foundations of Constitutional Democracy
by James M. Buchanan and Gordon Tullock
ppbk	$25					LF997EC0013

A Vindication of Natural Society
by Edmund Burke
cloth	$20					LT11-1#1237

By Henry Carey

The Visible Hand
by Alfred Chandler

Science and the Founding Fathers: Science in the Political Thought 
	of Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, and Madison
by I. Bernard Cohen
ppbk	$21					LF997HS7100

The Politics and Law of Term Limits
ed by Edward Crane and Roger Pilon
ppbk	$16					LF997PT6174

Austrian Economics: A Reader
edited by Richard Eberling
Includes classics by Hayek, Mises, Menger, and others.
ppbk	$23					LF997AU7338

The Guardian of Every Other Right: A Constitutional History of Property Rights
by James W. Ely, Jr.
ppbk	$18					LF997LL6303

Mortal Peril: Our Inalienable Right to Health Care?
by Robert Epstein
hdcv	$33					FL997PP7348

Forbidden Grounds: The Case Against Employment Discrimination Laws
by Robert Epstein
ppbk	$24					LF997LL6177

Forgotten Lessons
Selected Essays by John T. Flynn
ed by Gregory Pavlik
An espose of FDR and the New Deal
ppbk	$20					LF997HS6394

The Industrial Revolution and Free Trade
ed by Burton W. Folsom, Jr.
ppbk	$20					LF997EH7339

The Myth of the Robber Barons: A New Look at the Rise of Big Business in America
by Burton W. Folsom, Jr. 
ppbk 	$15					LF997HS5603

Capitalism and Freedom
by Milton Friedman 
ppbk	$20					LT11-1#4001

Free To Choose
by Milton and Rose Friedman
ppbk	$14					LF997MF5451

Free to Choose Video Series Set
Five Videos	$150				LF997MF5642

Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960
by Milton Friedman and Anna J. Swartz
ppbk	$45					LF997MF0053

Money Mischief
by Milton Friedman
hdcv	$25					LF997MF5498
A Nation of Millionaires: Unleashing America's Economic Potential
by Rober J. Genetski
Documents the actual costs of government programs and the economic impact  privatizing
them would have.
ppbk	$14					LF997CU7497

Wealth and Poverty
by George Gilder
ppbk	$25					LF997CL6375

Austrian Economics: An Anthology
edited by Bettina Bien Greaves
ppbk	$19					LF997AU7228

Foundations of American Constitutional Government
compiled by Robert D. Gorgoglione
ppbk	$20					LF997FF6378

The Flat Tax
by Robert E. Hall and Alvin Rabushka
Perhaps the best known case in print made in behalf of the flat tax, examining how it
would spark dynamic economic activity. It also presents argument in opposition to
a national sales tax.
ppbk	$20					LF997PY6275

The Federalist Papers
by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay
ppbk	$11					LF997HS5662
The Constitution of Liberty
by F. A. Hayek
ppbk	$30					LT11-1#3013

The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism
by F.A. Hayek
ppbk	$22					LT11-1#2262

The Road to Serfdom
by F.A. Hayek
ppbk	$20					LT11-1#4028
The Critics of Keynesian Economics
edited by Henry Hazlitt
Twentytwo essays which expose the fallacies of Keynesian analysis which have done 
such damage.
ppbk	$22					LF997HH7362

Economics in One Lesson
by Henry Hazlitt
(forward by Steve Forbes)
ppbk	$15					LF997HH7135

The Foundations of Morality
by Henry Hazlitt
A rational basis for ethics drawing a parallel between moral and economic values.
ppbk	$24					LF997PH624

Community Technology
by Karl Hess
ppbk	$15					LF997SH7033

Crisis and Leviathan
by Robert Higgs
ppbk 	$25					LF997EH7383

Origins of the Common Law
by Arthur R. Hogue
hdcv	$15					LF997LL7395

Public Policy and the Quality of Life: Market Incentives versus Government Planning
by Randall G. Holcombe
hdcv	$60					LF997PO6230

Why We Must Abolish the Income Tax: A Special Report on the National Sales Tax
by Nelson Hultberg
Not only exposes the most intrusive taxes, and the most damaging in economic impact,
but also critiques the flat tax for not doing away with the IRS, etc.
ppbk	$17					LF997CU7498

The Limits of State Action
by Wilhelm von Humboldt
ppbk	$13					LF997PP7177

American Political Writing in the Founding Era, 1760-1805
ed by C. Hyneman and D. Lutz
ppbk(2 vol)   $21				LF997AH7169

The Death and Life of Great American Cities
by Jane Jacobs
ppbk	$17					LF997CU5736

Original Intent and the Framers of the Constitution
by Henry V. Jaffa
hdcv	$29					LF997FF5995

At Home in the Universe: The Search for Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity
by Stuart Kauffman
ppbk	$22					LF997SC7225
By David Kelley

The Foundations of Knowledge: An Objectivist Perspective
Set of seven audio tapes of Kelley's lectures
audio	$65					LF997PH5260

The Evidence of the Senses
A defense of philosophical realism
ppbk	$18					LF997OB4856

The Discovery of Freedom: Man's Struggle Against Authority
by Rose Wilder Lane
ppbk	$18					LF997IN0001

Guns, Crime, and Freedom
by Wayne LaPierre
hdcv	$28					LF997PO6223

Hands Off: Why the Government is a Menace to Economic Health
by Susan Lee
hdcv	$28					LF997HE7035

None of the Above: Why Non-Voters are America's Political Majority
by Sy Leon
ppbk	$18					LF997SL7359

The Emergence of A Free Press
by Leonard Levy
ppbk	$15					LF997AH4470

The Art of Community
by Spencer Heath MacCullum
hdcv	$18					LF997PY7148

The Fable of the Bees
by Bernard Mandeville
ppbk	$20					LF997PP7391

Second Thoughts: Myths and Morals of US Economic History
ed by D. N. McCloskey
ppbk	$21					LF997HS6915

The American Presidency: An Intellectual History
by Forrest McDonald
ppbk	$27					LT11-1#2192

E Pluribus Unum: The Formation of the American Republic
by Forrest McDonald
hdcv	$17					LF997AH7401

Novus Ordo Seclorum: The Intellectual Origins of the Constitution
by Forrest McDonald
ppbk	$20					LT11-1#2015
Investigations into the Method of the Social Sciences
by Carl Menger
ppbk	$19					LF997AU7391

Principles of Economics
by Carl Menger
(introduction by Frederich Hayek)
ppbk	$23					LF997AU6124

Beyond Politics: Markets, Welfare and the Failure of Bureaucracy
by William Mitchell and Randy Simmons
hrcv	$55					LF997PY6188

The Anticapitalist Mentality
by Ludwig von Mises
ppbk	$13					LF997LV0082

The Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle
by Mises, Haberler, Rothbard, Hayek
ppbk	$15					LF997AU7081

by Ludwig von Mises
ppbk	$15					LF997ST7978

Economic Freedom and Interventionism: An Anthology of Articles by Mises
ppbk	$20					LF997LV7029

Human Action
by Ludwig von Mises
hdcv	$55					LF997LV7085

Liberalism: In the Classical Tradition
by Ludwig von Mises
ppbk	$20					LF997LV0100

Omnipotent Government
by Ludwig von Mises
ppbk	$18					LF997LV0097

Planning for Freedom
anthology of 16 Mises pieces
ppbk	$15					LF997LV0080

by Ludwig von Mises
ppbk	$15					LF997LV7182

The Theory of Money and Credit
by Ludwig von Mises
ppbk	$15					LF997LV7184
The Lever of Riches: Technological Creativity and Economic Progress
by Joel Mokyr
ppbk	$20					LF997HS6248

Farewell to the Family?: Public Policy and Family Breakdown in Britain and the USA
by Patricia Morgan
ppbk	$16					LF997CL6966

Losing Ground: America's Social  Policy 1950-1980
by Charles Murray
ppbk	$21					LF997CU0572

Our Enemy, The State
by Albert Jay Nock
ppbk	$15					LF997HS0343

Anarchy, State, and Utopia
by Robert Nozick
ppbk	$21					LF997PL0196

The Tragedy of American Compassion
by Marvin Olasky
ppbk	$20					LF997MP6260

The Excuse Factory: How Employment Law is Paralyzing the American Workplace
by Walter Olson
hdcv	$29					LF997CU7427

The State
by Franz Oppenheimer
ppbk	$18					LF997PP7384

How Much Is Your Vote Worth? 
The Unfairness of Campaign Spending Limits
by Filip Palda
ppbk	$17					LF997PT6970

The God of the Machine
by Isabell Paterson
ppbk	$27					LF997IN5779

The Free Society
by Lansing Pollock
ppbk	$23					LF997PO6989
Atlas Shrugged
by Ayn Rand
ppbk	$13					LF997AR0169

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
by Ayn Rand
ppbk	$12					LF997AR0162

For the New Intellectual
by Ayn Rand
ppbk	$13					LF997AR0164

The New Left
by Ayn Rand
ppbk	$15					LF997AR5959

The Fountainhead
by Ayn Rand
ppbk	$20					LF997AR6233
Environmental Overkill: Whatever Happened to Common Sense?
by Dixie Lee Ray and Lou Guzzo
ppbk	$17					LF997EN7104

Trashing the Planet: How Science Can Help Us Deal with Acid Rain, Depletion of the 
	Ozone, and Nuclear Waste (Among Other Things)
by Dixie Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo
hdcv	$25					LF997CU5373
The Government Against the Economy
by George Reisman
ppbk	$22					LF997EC0402
America's Great Depression
by Murray Rothbard
hdcv	$25					LF997MRO145

An Austrian History of Economic Thought
by Murray Rothbard
hdcv 2 vol $ 225				LF997MR7083

The Case Against the Fed
by Murray Rothbard
ppbk	$15					LF997CB6256

Power and Market
by Murray Rothbard
ppbk	$15					LF997MR0566
Death By Government
by R. J. Rummel
hdcv	$55					LF997PL6300

Taxing Choice: The Predatory Politics of Fiscal Discrimination
edited by William F. Shugart II with a forward by Paul McCracken
Sixteen essays by Tullock, DiLorenzo, and others on the economic and social
consequences of 'sin' taxes.
hdcv	$45					LF997EC7407

Discourses Concerning Government
by Algernon Sidney
hdcv	$33					LF997PL5281
By Julian Simon

Population Matters: People, Resources, Environment, and Immigration
hdcv	$40					LF997CU5216

Resampling: The New Statistics
ppbk	$35					LF997IV6070

The Wealth of Nations: The Glasgow Edition
by Adam Smith
ppbk	$20					LF997EC7187

Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women
by Christina Hoff Sommers
ppbk	$17					LF997FM6350
By Thomas Sowell

A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles
ppbk	$15					LF997TS6168

The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy
hdcv	$30					LF997TS6306

Preferential Policies: An International Perspective
ppbk	$14					LF997TS5696

Classical Economics Reconsidered
ppbk	$18					LF997TS0030
by Herbert Spencer
The Man Vs The State: With Six Essays on Government, Society, and Freedom
hdcv	$19					LF997PP7179

The Principles of Ethics
A case for limited government and individual liberty.
hdcv	$25					LF997PH7181

Social Statics
The right to ignore the state.
hdcv	$23					LF997IN0263

Democracy In America
by Alexander de Tocqueville
hdcv	$28					LF997PL6145

Cato's Letters: Essays on Liberty 
by John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon (ed by Ronald Hamowy)
ppbk 2 vol     $20				LF997LI7171

How the West Grew Rich: The Economic Transformation of the Industrial World
by Andrew Dickson White
ppbk	$20					LF997CU6087

Prometheus Rising
by Robert Anton Wilson
Explores the roots of cultural custom with surprising optimism for the future.
ppbk	$18					LF997HU1930

The Creation of the American Republic
by Gordon Wood

Natural Rights and the New Republicanism
by Michael P. Zuchert
hrcv	$45					LF997PH6264