A Goodly Meal It was a musty discolored shack Of smelly dark old wood One window but no door it possessed. Escape -- how a cricket could? At night he sang his lonely song By day he ate the grass One day a youngster playing near Threw a rock through the glass. Now the cricket was quite anxious Upon smelling fresh-born air And put a design on the window, Now broken, to escape from there. And early one bright morning He scaled the moldy wall, yet Little could he know it meant The window -- a spider's net. An ornry, groping spider Who knew each silken thread An anxious eloping cricket Quite well the spider fed. 1968 Forgive My Love Dashed lies hope in desolate ashes Chastized for desire of fires too bright Slay not this heart for its indiscretion Pay how it must for hope held as life. No devil lured me there was no temptation, but Grow as it did as a rose to the sun Feel not tormented, I only would undo and Kneel to your song that can't be undone. We labor in prisons not of our making Seeing the promise the sun hints of Sorrow me not for dreams made of stardust Borrow my laughter to forgive my love. 1975 Will Death Visit Me Tonight? Will death visit me tonight And stalking silently in the shadows Find its fatal finality and might And lay snow upon these meadows? Nay, death cannot embrace me now For above my door and clover Is blood of a victim, more red than wine, And death must need passover. Nor all the signs of witches' crafts -- A feline of black or bat's weather -- Shall mark my door for his visit For my Lord and I quard together. Will death visit me this eve Whilst stalking silently the shadows? Nay, the winds are harsh of the winter's night But there always is grass in the meadows. 1967 The East Wind I walk for lonely hours On the sterling sands and try To understand my condemnation -- For love I must die And I search the shifting sand For an answer for so long But if I find an inspiration The waves drive it away. The hungry dogs are howling They're anxious for my bones I can hear their ceaseless whining Yet my heart cannot bemoan. The city streets are vacant The dogs search for me All this doesn't matter much I pray and wait expectantly. 1966 To Love You The river flows as I sit there As close as I dare to you -- It plays at the falls as my heart Taken of breath when seeing you. One day's slightest touch And you stole my life. Your sunset hairs dance on the waters Broken by the laugh of the babbling Over the falls, who have heard My murmurings to you. To love you, Is it to love the river? To love you, is it To love the sea in your eyes Or the sun in your hair? Burned into my soul, Hearing you I tremble For you have stolen my life. 1975 Paltry Pirates What wailing winds these are, so harsh Beseiging through this sturdy marsh The reed first sways, then losing strength Bends and breaks and falls at length Into the muddy flats of ground Of many a reed the winds have downed. Yet paltry pirates in insolence Can soak a sponge in the vinegar stench That is mans' sweetness -- acidic and sour And nearing upon the tertial hour Offer it up at the reach of the reed To quench the thirst of God's holiest breed. 1968 FOREVER Early August Crickets sing Grass is green The birds still wing their way upon the summer breeze and my heart should be at ease in the warmth of summer's sun and calm cool nights like the one when first we met I always knew life would be forever summer with you but it has now been two full moons since you left us here in June and my soul cries in anguish apart from you and echos in my empty heart Oh Lord, if I could hear your voice once more my poor heart would rejoice The sea falls silent on the shore until I am with you once more Each tomorrow belongs to yesterday time is still since you went away I loved you then I love you still Love is eternal I always will 8/6/98 (Conceived this day in '45 I lived but I was not alive until I was loved by you and now you're gone. My life is through.) Continue