A February Sonnet of Sonnets # 1 There was that moment when first we met that I held your hand in mine and felt as though I had known you through all the ages of all time; that I touched your skin and knew a warmth such as flesh alone cannot experience -- it is left to the soul for such feelings are begot; that I felt a spark between our hands which seared into my heart and made me want to not let go until my body and soul part. A moment, a spark, created love As if ordained by powers above. 2/6/99 # 2 I lost myself in our first embrace -- it wisked away my breath. My soul was brought back from its death when your cheek first brushed my face. When first your lips I did taste my heart into frenzy flew. And it was at that moment I knew love that could never be erased. I found myself in our first kiss when your lips to mine were pressed. I knew my soul would not know rest through an eternity of bliss. In that instant, my love outpoured and paradise had been restored. 2/7/99 # 3 In heaven all the angels sing when I hear your voice -- an angelic ring which amidst them, my soul it brings, as in my heart it goes on echoing. Sirens of old would draw men near to be wrecked upon the rocks. As dear life is, your song I must hear, venturing close, and without fear. Should I be ravaged upon those shores, should I drown as the sea over me pours, should I perish as over me it roars, my soul shall live in thy song it adores. And condemned to such an eternity, my soul would flourish in the melody. 2/7/99 # 4 And then I held you in sweet love's swing and tasted the nectar that the bees bring from the blossoms of summer, and I knew thy fragrance as of the flowers when Spring is new, and from thy lips I tasted the wine and savored the song of the robin -- all mine but for an hour before you were not there and the cradle of my love was left so bare. But with the memory of that summer, I braved the snows that would blow, all as I craved to be with you again and taste you once more, as winter staked its sentry outside of my door. Blow, cursed winter, thy fury, thy might, for I am warmed by the flame that you lit that night. 2/7/99 # 5 The temper of December blew mild, then cold, as I first reveled in the love you proclaimed, then languished in the void your absence would hold, as I relished each memory that remained. But I heard your voice come upon the wind until I almost felt your presence with me, but condemned by the sin that I had sinned of my love for you, I could not see you even though I heard you. Each day thus became as an eagle soaring but to crash to the ground. But through it all, my love persevered the same, as did yours until I once again found the warmth of the breezes which come with the Spring that each taste of your lips to my heart would bring. 2/7/99 # 6 A bitter barren warmth of winter's summer chills as I face each hour which cruel fate wills I should suffer as my penance for the love I hold, deserved as it well may be. It might have been foretold that the harshest penalty would be out of the very lips I cherish and long to taste, as your 'what is' just slips so easily and lawfully, eclipsing 'what might be' as I strain to view the horizon out across a stormy sea. Love conquers all; shall it also conquer this? The very breeze of summer that flows from out your kiss as well blows cold and harshly, I am forced to muse, for every embrace I capture, another must I lose. How long must I be shackled so, to hear your love proclaimed ever while sorrow bludgeons me if I but speak your name? 2/8/99 # 7 I sought to find solace and soared on the wind in search of a summer that neither ends nor begins, looking for lush green regions to rest my weary soul, but it was sorely pressed and I found myself standing on the shore cursing at the ocean even as its roar drowned out my complaint, then simmered to say that it offered peace, all to my dismay. For I would have had you with me along those sands if you had but come and taken my hand, for that moment and for a million new suns. I stood alone where tomorrow might have begun. And as the waters swelled around to baptise me not even death would have quenched my thirst for thee. 2/8/99 Continue Sonnet of Sonnets