The Thunder Shall Roll

The clouds pour forth their life-giving brew
On a desert where run rivers aflood with the dew
That ravages the land, in torrents tears fall,
For it is not life that they bring at all.
Winds rampage in their terror the forested leaves
And life that was nurtured now in anguish grieves.
Calm and the sun in time will return
Behind the rapacious storm but to learn
How the morrow was lost in the firery blasts
Of lightning bolts whose rancor now casts
Its mark upon my heart and soul
-- For eternity, the thunder shall roll.
Beethoven on his death bed arose
To shake his fist cursing the embracing throes
Seen though not heard in his tortured fate,
Tantalus agonized by the weight
Of his condemnation, never to know
What it was the wake of the storm might show.
Eclipsed by the shadow across this soul
Which knows not tomorrow, the thunder shall roll
Forever across this heart locked in pain
Of the lost angel's voice, for its refrain
Having been silenced, all that remains is the knoll
Of an eternity where only the thunder shall roll.
Having tasted the nectar, and drawn the breath
Of the sweet scent of the flowers, where death
Has stolen life from this grieving soul,
For eternity, only the thunder shall roll.
This cannot be thus, but lost is the song,
The thunder rolls and tomorrow is gone.
I have strained through spring and summer to hear
The angelic lark, but my tortured ear
Has caught but the faintest echo. The rainbow
Will find but a soul blind to its promised glow,
That cries out to hear you without reply
Amidst only this thunder. Without you, what am I?
If there be no tomorrow, but only this gale,
Blinded I'll wander aimlessly the trail,
Cursing the darkness once light has been stole,
And for eternity, only the thunder shall roll.
I vow my love forever to you to be true --
There can be no tomorrow without you.


(Once again, my love Fayette, I cannot find sleep,
And these are words that my own counsel should keep
For I would not sadden you except I must tell
You of the pain and fear that has come to dwell
Within me, yes, and an anger that consumes
My every breath with what looms
Before me in prospect if I were to lose you
-- You are my love and my life -- whatever you do,
You have to keep fighting and prevail in the end;
I'm so scared and hurt, and I love you, my friend.)

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