1st period

The wings are flying. Yzerman comes up to the Rangers goal he shoot he scores. The score is Redwings 1. Rangers 0. Shanaham has the puck. The Rangers steal the puck they shoot puck Osgood saves the puck. McArty has the puck. He shoots the puck Yzerman shoots he scores.5,4,3,2,1,0.1st p is over. 2nd p The Rangers have the puck they shoot they score. Now the score is RedWings 2, Rangers 1.The Wings have the puck.McArty gets the puck he passes the puck to Yzerman. Yzerman pases the puck to McArty. He shoot he scores. Now the score is RedWings 3. Rangers 1. Shanahan gets the puck he shoot he scores.5,4,3,2,1,0. 3rd p Gretsky gets the puck he shootes he scores. Kozlov gets the puck he shoots he score. Now Delvecchio has the puck but the Rangers get the puck. They shoot they score. Now the scor is RedWings 5. Rangers 3. Fedorov gets the puck he score. McArty has the puck he passes the puck to Kozlov to Yzerman to Rouse scores. Banks has the puck Yzerman steal the puck.But Banks trips Yzerman no penality.Howe has the puck Leetch steals the puck he passes the puck to Eastwood he shoot he scores. Larionov has the puck he shoots scores.Pat has the puck he shoots he scores.Ward has the puck Eric steals the puck shootsYzerman shoots he scores.Leetch has the puck he shoots he saved by Osgood. Shanahan gets the puck and heads down the ice. This is going to be Alex's Writing file.

The Alligator and the Frog.

An alligator and a frog were swimming in a lake. A light appeared in the sky and the earth began to shake. The alligator said, "What was that?" The frog just make a croak. The alligator shouted it again, but the frog thought it was a joke. At last, the frog looked up at the sky to see what it was up there that the alligator was talking about. There was nothing anywhere. But the alligator had accomplished what he had set out to do, for when the frog looked up above, the alligator flew like a flash through the water and in one quick snapping leap, he ate the frog and swam away and found a place to sleep. But as he lay there is the sand trying to get some rest, he let out with a sudden burp from deep within his chest. But what came out was not at all what you'd expect it to be. What came out instead was 'Croak' -- quite a mystery. What sound did the alligator make? A CROAK Why did he make that sound? BECAUSE HE ATE THE FROG