Web 'Text': The 20th Century World

I. The Intellectual Roots of the Twentieth Century Read: Theoretical Foundations of the Twentieth Century Click Here Read: Marxism Click Here (the Hayek and Freud books also fit this category) II. The New Imperialism Read: New Imperial Order Click Here III. World War I (View/Review from the following videos widely available: For Whom the Bell Tolls A Farewell to Arms All Quiet on the Western Front Guns of August The African Queen Lawrence of Arabia) IV. The Bolshevik Revolution (View/review from the video films: Nicholas and Alexandria Reds) Read: The Russian Revolution Click Here V. Age of Anxiety Read: Age of Anxiety Click Here VI. Nationalism and the Interwar Period (View/review the video film Gandhi) Read: The Interwar Period Click Here Read: China and the West Click Here VII. The Depression Read: The Depression Click Here (View/review the video film The Good Earth) VIII. World War II (View/review from the video films Cabaret Casablanca The Desert Fox MacArthur Patton Memphis Belle The Longest Day To Hell and Back Battle of the Bulge Sands of Iwo Jima Midway Run Silent, Run Deep Guadalcanal Diary PT109 Bridge Over the River Kwai Bataan Tora, Tora, Tora Hiroshima) Read: World War II Lectures Click Here IX. The Holocaust (View/Review from the video films The Diary of Anne Frank Holocaust Spindler's List Judgement at Nuremberg) X. The Cold War (View/review The Missiles of October) Read the following: Click Here Click Here Click Here XI. The European Union Read about the EU: Click Here XII. The Third World War Read five from among the articles in ejps Click Here