20th Century World History DCB/Warren/Fall 1998/Ziegler/ELP Class This course is structured to give the student a great deal of flexibility in his or her work. There are two major streams or options that the student may select to follow in doing the work as described below. Mid Term Exam for 20th Century World History Go Here to View Mid Term Stream A The student may read the text chosen by the school and take a mid term on approximately the first half of the text and a final on the rest of it. (An initial meeting must be held during the week of Sept 28). Mid Term on Saturday, Oct 31 There will also be a meeting with the instructor on Saturday, Nov14 to go over the mid term and to discuss the reviews the student is doing. Final on Saturday, Dec 5 (the time and place of the meetings will be set by mutual accord of the student and instructor). The student will also be assigned a group of article readings to review. To find these, Click Here Grading Criterion (each is 1/3 of grade) MidTerm (Oct 31) Final (Dec 5) Article Reviews (these are all due before Thanksgiving) Stream B This option offers a multi media approach to the course. It also expands the subject matter considered beyond Europe. A student will select from a series of videos to view and review, two books will be read and reviewed, and the student will read and review a number of articles. There will be a final exam on readings in the e text. The schedule of work is as follows: 1. The student will read and review "The Road to Serfdom" by Frederick Hayek and "The Future of an Illusion" or "Civilization and Its Discontents" or "The Psychopathology of Everyday Life" by Sigmund Freud (each effort is to be a critical review of approximately two pages in which you describe what the book said, what its impact was on you, and convince me you read it). 2. The student will read and review a group of assigned readings To find these Click Here (Each of these reviews will be about one typed page in length and should be a critical analysis, only summarizing enough of any article to convince me you read it). 3. The student will select five from a group of videos to read and review. You will find these listed after each section in the e text (see # 4) (The only stipulation is that each chosen film must be from a different 'chapter" -- 1 page each). 4. The student will be doing some reading of relevant web materials as follows. To find these Click Here The student will be given a final based on these which will be on line during the first week of December. It will be a matching test. The student must meet with the instructor on at least four occassions during the course of the term. The instructor will be available each Tuesday from 5 pm to 6 pm on campus for these meetings. Contact instructor for where he can be met. Grading Criterion (each counts for 20% of grade) Hayek Book Review (due before Halloween) Freud Book Review (due before Halloween) Five Video Reviews (due before Thanksgiving) Five Article Reviews (due before Thanksgiving) Final Exam on Web Readings in e text Submitting Work for Stream A or B The student may turn in his or her work in hard copy directly to the teacher of leave it in an envelope at the reception desk in the North Building to be placed in my mailbox. However, I prefer that you submit as much of the work as possible electronically -- ie, by e mail. If you do not have e mail, an account can be set up for you at the school at no charge. E mail is also a much faster and better way of contacting the instructor for help or questions. An alternative you may elect to use is to set up a web page at free provider sites Geocities, Tripod, or Angelfire and post your work on it, giving the instructor your URL to check your work. See the instructor for more information of this option. You can also reach the instructor's voice mail at 1.810.775.3364. __ Return to ejps